Blinds and Shades Installation

Installation of Standard Blinds and Shades Start at $5.00/ linear foot and there is a minimum of $30 per shade measuring less than 3 feet. This is all standard window shades at ground level requiring no more than a step ladder to complete the installation. All Installations start at $50.00 which cover the first window covering installation.

Designer Shades

Installation of Designer Screen Shades and Silhouettes Start at $5.00/ linear foot and there is a minimum of $30 per shade measuring less than 3 feet. These shades require extra detail like shimming and leveling to work properly. If not installed properly these shades will run to one side cause fabric to become damaged.

Luminette Window Shades


Installation of Luminette Shades Start at $15.00/ linear foot and a minimum of $75 per shade. Luminettes are delicate, more involved shade that are hung similar to custom drapery. This product requires careful handling and proper mounting knowledge. 

Installation of Vertiglides are $100 per shade minimum or $15 linear foot. Assembly included . This shade requires more than mounting brackets and hanging shades, Vertiglide requires assembling shade and modifying base boards if necessary. 

Skyline/Sliding Panels

Installation of Skyline and Sliding Panel Shades Start at $8.00/ linear foot and a minimum of $40 per shade. This shade requires mounting brackets and unrolling each panel from foam tube and installing panels to track.

Custom Drapery

Installation of Draper Start at $12.00/ linear foot and a minimum of $50 per Drape. This Window Treatment requires mounting brackets mainly on the wall which means it has to be secured into the block behind the drywall.

Interior Shutters

Installation of Palm Beach Shutters Start at $4.50/ ft sq. and a minimum of $75 per shutter. Shutters require assembling of frames and squaring doors in window opening. Bypass Shutters are more involved and require cutting baseboard and valance installation. Bypass installation is $6.00/ ft sq.


Surcharges for two-story windows are $50 per window for extension ladders and to-be-quoted for scaffold use and assembly. Click on images for detail charges.

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